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7 things that frugal people don’t do to save more money



7 things that frugal people dont do to save more money 5d7cadd3879ec - 7 things that frugal people don’t do to save more money

When I was still working my 9-5 job, I made this huge mistake of living beyond my means.

I was spending more than what I was capable of paying — I thought that maybe all my splurges would somehow fill the emptiness that I was feeling, that somehow it would hide the fact that I was really unhappy. I thought that it was the solution.

But of course, it wasn’t. For what it’s worth, it just made things worse.

So, I vowed to never make the same mistake again. That’s why I started to look for ways on how I can change that lifestyle – I started to learn how to live frugally.

Oftentimes, when we hear the word frugality, we always end up associating it with cheap but frugality isn’t being cheap. For me, it’s about making smart choices and being smart with your money without sacrificing the welfare of your family and yourself.

Learning the real meaning of frugality and choosing to practice that kind of lifestyle has been a lifesaver for me.

Since we are now living in one small income, I needed to learn how to make the ends meet and still have money left for emergencies, and thankfully, learning to live frugally helped me achieved that.

So, if you are looking for ways to learn how to save more money or how to start living frugally, then you are in for a treat.

Today, I have decided to gather 7 things that frugal people don’t do to save more money. Check them out!

<p>If you feel like you haven’t mastered total self control yet, then it’s better to leave your credit card at <a title= - 7 things that frugal people don’t do to save more moneyhome and only take the amount of money allocated in your budget for that mall trip.

Doing this will definitely help you avoid sabotaging your finances.

Waste Food

Ask yourself, how many times have you thrown out food each week? This can basically happen to any of us.

I was also guilty of doing this, but food thrown out is basically money wasted, so I knew that this had to stop. This was a bad habit and it was definitely not helping us financially.

So, this is where a grocery list and weekly meal planning comes in.

Not having a Specific Financial Plan

Setting financial goals for yourself and for your family is always a must. Knowing what you want to do with your money, where you want it to go, gives you a clearer concept of what you need to do to achieve it.

It’s not enough to say “I want to put more money on my emergency fund” or “I want to save so I can travel” – you have to be more specific. How much money do you want to save? What’s the set time frame?

Having a more concrete goal will help you know what actions you need to take to really achieve it.

Buying the Latest of Everything 

Are you constantly keeping up with the latest trends? From phones, cars, appliances and more.

Well, if you want to start saving more money and live frugally, it’s time to switch that lifestyle and start learning how to be happier with the things that you already have.

No matter how much we deny it to ourselves but buying the latest phone or upgrading your car is not always a necessity. It’s basically a form of giving in to our wants over our needs.

In my case, I chose to live that lifestyle in the hopes of filling in a void. Thinking that having the latest phone, keeping up with the trends will somehow fill the emptiness that I was feeling. But it doesn’t.

You don’t need to have those things to be truly happy. Remember, true happiness is not found on material things.

Frugality is not being cheap. Living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to take extreme measures just so you can save money.

You just have to find a way to make your money work better for you and your family. You have to be willing to explore other options.

So, make wise decisions and be smart about how you choose to spend or save your money.

Your Turn…

What about you? Do you have anything that you would like to add? Let me know in the comment section below or send me an email, I would love to hear from you!

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5 Things you’re wasting your money on without even knowing it



5 things youre wasting your money on without even knowing it 5da43edea4e6d - 5 Things you’re wasting your money on without even knowing it
Sometimes, despite our best efforts to create a realistic budget and save money, we could still be wasting so much money every day without us even realizing it.

I can’t tell you how many times I ended up wasting so much money on the most common things in an attempt to save money. And you know what the worst part was? I never even really noticed it.

Because the thing is, often when we are trying to save money and live a more frugal lifestyle, we always seem to focus on the BIG expenses, we only choose to see the LARGE purchases.

But what we don’t realize is, those small and unplanned daily expenses can easily add up and cost us way more than what we expected.

One thing that I’ve learned from experiencing my greatest financial struggle last year is if you want to save money, and I mean really save, build wealth or even start building an emergency fund, paying close attention to those smaller daily expenses can definitely help you save money in the long run.

Because I tell you, those things really add up.

I know that saving money can be tough and often, changing our financial situation may seem impossible but if you want to improve your finances and not make the same money mistakes again, paying close attention to those small and unplanned daily expenses is a must.

When I finally took the time to sit down and identify where and what I was spending my money on, I can’t tell you how surprised I was to know that I was actually wasting so much money on the most common and smallest things.

Things I barely even noticed and chances are, you might be wasting your money on these things too.

Here are 5 things you’re wasting your money on…

<p>As much as I hate to admit it but I use to waste so much money by throwing away <a title= - 5 Things you’re wasting your money on without even knowing itfood.

I used to buy things in bulk thinking that it will help me save money but I never really end up using all of them before they go bad, so some of the stuff just gets thrown out (I know, what a waste of money, right?)

So, after having to quit my job, I did everything I can to save money and I thought that I was doing that by taking more frequent trips to the grocery store.

Thinking that doing this will somehow prevent me from throwing away food and it did but the problem of taking frequent trips to the grocery store is, there is always a large possibility of you buying other things that are not on your list.

So, instead of just buying those two items that you really need, you end up going home with five more items.

And before you know it, you end up sabotaging your budget over it.

Now, I find that the best thing to do is to buy all the things that I need for at least a week, and before I even go to the grocery store, I always make sure to plan my meals ahead.

In that way, I know what I need to get and I’m certain that nothing gets thrown out.


Nowadays, it’s just so easy to sign-up for multiple subscriptions without really putting much thought into it.

We don’t really take the time and ask ourselves if this is something that we really need in the first place.

And since the upfront charges for these things are usually very low, we don’t really realize and notice how much these things are really costing us collectively.

And often, there are even subscriptions that we keep paying every month but we are barely even using.

I had these. I usually sign-up for a free trial on multiple subscriptions and since it can be difficult to keep track of all of them, I forget to cancel them and they end up charging me for months without me even noticing.

So, take the time to sit down and go through all your subscriptions. Keep the ones that you really need and cancel the ones that you no longer use and no longer add value to your life.

Also, if you like signing up for free trials (like me), what I do is I create a list of all the free trials that I’m a part of and I then set a reminder on my phone a day before the trial ends for each of them to make sure that I never miss it.

Making purchases just to make you happy 

I’m definitely guilty of this. You see, I was stuck in a very stressful job that I didn’t love.

I was constantly feeling overwhelmed and super low. I felt empty. And in attempts of cheering myself up, I would buy things.

And every time I felt down, stressed and unhappy, I would spend my money on unnecessary things, things that I don’t need, just to fill the emptiness that I was feeling.

Yes, doing that made me happy but that kind of happiness doesn’t last long. It fades and pretty soon you’ll find yourself still feeling empty and in debt.

We need to remind ourselves that happiness that is found on possessions will always be short-lived. True and lasting happiness is not found and will never be found on possessions and material things, it is found within.

It’s best to find a healthier way to cope with stress. I found that doing something I love even if it’s just a hobby, really helps.

Buying in bulk

There’s no doubt that buying in bulk is a great way to save so much money — that is if you are able to use and consume all of them before they go bad.

As I’ve mentioned above, we used to love buying things in bulk thinking that we will just get around into using and consuming all of them before they go bad.

But we never do and as awful as it sounds, we always just end up throwing so much food away.

So, instead of saving money, we are just actually wasting it.

This is where meal planning comes in.

I found that meal planning, along with keeping a list of everything that you have with the date it goes bad is the best way to avoid food being thrown out.

Being disorganized

Whether you want to save money, build an emergency fund or even pay off your debts, having your finances organized is definitely a huge help.

I was so bad at handling my money before. I was in debt, wasted so much money on unnecessary things, had no savings and I was living paycheck to paycheck.

After taking a hard look at where I was standing financially, I realized how being disorganized has greatly contributed to my financial woes.

Lack of organization can greatly sabotage your finances.

I mean if you are not organized, you end up missing payments, which eventually leads to fees.

If you don’t keep track of how you are spending your money, you end up wasting so much money without you even realizing it.

I tell you, if you want to achieve your financial goals faster, take the time to sit down and organize your finances.

By doing this you are giving yourself the chance to see the opportunities and areas you need to work on to improve your finances and to achieve your goals faster.

Being aware of how and what you are spending your money on is a vital step in helping you save money and achieve your financial goals.

I know it’s so easy to let things slip and waste money on the most common things and things that we don’t need, but if we pay more attention to how we are spending our money, it becomes a whole lot easier to avoid wasting it.

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6 Major Money Mistake To Avoid This Holiday Season



6 major money mistake to avoid this holiday season 5d7cadaf5bc40 - 6 Major Money Mistake To Avoid This Holiday Season
I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life even more so on how I chose to handle my finances.

Back then, I would easily spend my money on unnecessary things, without any hesitation, and then justifying my spending habits with the words “I deserve it.” 

And of course, there were consequences — a lot of them.

My reckless spending habits buried me in a deep financial hole which eventually trapped me into the spiral of debt (I’ve definitely learned my lesson the hard way)

Now, with the Holidays creeping in, I certainly don’t want to make the same mistakes again this year. Mistakes that could eventually bury me in a much deeper hole than I’m already in.

Because let’s face it, regardless of how many times we try to just ignore it, the Holiday Season is definitely the time of the year when our credit card bills are at the highest. 

So, if you’re also alarmed by how much money you’ve spent during last year’s Holiday Season and if you’re aiming for a debt-free holiday this year, like me, then it’s definitely time for us to rethink the way we are managing our finances and change our spending habits.

And to help you get started, here are 6 Financial Mistakes that you should avoid this Holiday Season… - 6 Major Money Mistake To Avoid This Holiday Season

Refusing to have a budget

If you’re planning to place a giant hole in your finances then not having a budget set for the holidays is probably the best way to go — I’ve learned this the hard way.

I’ve made a bold and stupid move of refusing to have a budget during last year’s holiday season and you know what that decision brought me?

Debt and so much stress.

I tell you, failing to set up a budget for the holidays can easily ruin your finances and waste your hard-earned money.

So, before you start planning the perfect Christmas, ask yourself first these questions: How much can you afford? How much are you willing to pay?

Set a specific amount and plan your Holiday around that amount.

Not having a list or a plan

Holiday season or not, when you shop without any list or even a plan you are definitely bound to spend more than the amount that you intended to pay. 

By planning ahead and creating a list of everything that you need for the holidays you are not only making sure that everything is accounted for, it also keeps you aware of how much money you are spending in total and it makes it easier for you to track where your money goes — making it less likely for you to overspend.

So, before you hit the mall, take the time to sit down, plan and make a list of everything that you need to buy for the holidays.

And to help you organize all your holiday planning, check out this Holiday Planner! 

Relying on Credit Cards to pay for everything

This was definitely one of my biggest mistakes. I was so caught up into thinking that since my cards still have credit left on them then I might as well just spend it on the things I need for the holidays and I’ll just save enough money to pay it when January comes.

While that is possible but I tell you, climbing out of a financial debt is not always that easy. Eventually, the interest racks up and you find yourself buried in even more debt.

Just because you have credit left on your card doesn’t mean that you should just use it all up — remember, you still eventually have to pay for that.

Eating out more often

Let’s face it, with all the parties and family get-togethers lined up during the holiday season we often find ourselves, eating out way more than the usual.

Eating out is not at all bad but if money is tight and if you’re constantly doing this to a point where you are ruining your budget then that is when the problem starts.

Remember, holiday gift giving and shopping can easily get really expensive, if you add your ridiculous bar and restaurant bills to the tab then you might just be burying yourself in debt when January comes.

So, before you say yes to every social situation, check your bank account first and remind yourself that it’s okay to say no. 

Though sometimes, you may find it difficult but trust me, your finances will thank you for doing it.


Whether it’s shopping for the holidays, planning a vacation or even doing just day to day task, we sometimes just love to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to finish everything — I did.

I’ve always had a bad habit of waiting for the perfect last-minute deal. But the reality is, we may not always get the perfect last-minute deal. 

Yes, there are cases when we do but the chances are very slim and if you constantly lean on that slight chance, you might just end up spending more money than you intended.

Instead, do your research, keep an eye out for good deals and compare prices — give yourself enough time to do all those things and it will be a lot easier for you to stick to your budget and avoid wasting money. 

Shopping to impress

I am a people pleaser — this is still something that I’m working on changing.

Whether it’s doing a simple task, saying yes to a commitment that I didn’t want to do, or even shopping for a Christmas gift — I always aim for other’s approval and validation.

During the Holiday season, we often feel this extra amount of pressure to get the perfect extravagant gift to impress our friends, our boss and of course, our family.

We often always feel so tempted to buy something that is way over our budget just so there’s no room for disappointment.

I was also very guilty of this but I’ve realized that most people will actually prefer a simple yet well-thought-out gift, something that really reflects who they are over something that you bought just because it’s expensive.

Staying on top of our finances is not always easy, especially during the holiday season. But as cliché as this may sound, we must keep reminding ourselves that there is so much more to the holiday season than spending a ridiculous amount of money.

The perfect holiday season for me is making every day count by spending it with the people that you love and making wonderful memories together.

Your turn…

What are the financial mistakes that you want to avoid this holiday season? Let me know in the comment section below or send me an email, I would love to hear from you!

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5 Easy Ways to Stop Being Broke Right Now



5 easy ways to stop being broke right now 5d7cad998572c - 5 Easy Ways to Stop Being Broke Right Now

Struggling to make the ends meet every month is just so stressful and not to mention, mentally and emotionally draining.

After having to quit my office job, I had to face the tough consequences of all those bad money decisions that I’ve made back when I was still working.

Since I was in between jobs, I was stuck in this negative cycle of barely making the ends meet every month and struggling to provide even for the basic necessities.

It was like having to constantly carry this huge weight on my shoulders. It was a gut-wrenching pain that never seems to go away.

Nobody wants to be stuck in this cycle but sometimes the problem is when we are in this situation, it may seem too impossible to find a way out, especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you’re always left with nothing every month.

I know how debilitating and exhausting this feels. I cried myself to bed almost every night worrying.

I wanted so badly for my situation to change but all of it just became too overwhelming for me that most days I just felt like giving up — thinking that no matter what I do, I could never turn my situation around.

But I was wrong. So, if you’re also feeling this way, I’m here to tell you this: It is possible for you to change your financial situation.

It is possible for you to get out of debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck and it’s definitely possible for you to stop being broke.

You just have to recognize the fact that regardless of how difficult your situation is right now, you have to power to change it.

Here are 5 steps I took to finally stop being broke and break free from the cycle…

- 5 Easy Ways to Stop Being Broke Right Now

These are just some of the steps that helped alleviate my financial situation — I’m hoping it will do the same for you!

Determine your Financial Goal and Create a Financial Plan

This was the very first step that I took.

I was working for years, yet I didn’t have any savings, no emergency fund.

I was earning a decent amount of money yet I was still living paycheck to paycheck.

And the whole reason I was stuck living that lifestyle was that I didn’t have any financial goals.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my money.

I was just so busy enjoying the now and just mindlessly spending my money on unnecessary things because I didn’t have any plans for the future.

So, Take the time to sit down and figure out what matters most to you, think about your short-term and long-term goals.

Be as specific as possible and once you have determined your financial goals, prioritize them and remember to set a timeframe for each of them.

Learn to live below your means…

Nowadays, with credit cards available to us, it’s always so easy to spend more than what we can afford — I was definitely guilty of this.

I made bad money decisions and I continued to use my credit cards to make all these unnecessary purchases — purchases that I couldn’t even afford.

Living this kind of lifestyle was exhausting and not to mention the amount of stress that it brought me every time those credit card bills come — it was just gut-wrenching.

I knew that if I wanted to get out of debt and improve my financial situation, the best way to do this was for me to learn how to start living below my means.

So, whether you want to get out of debt, increase your savings or just basically lessen your financial stress, living below your means will help you get there.

Remind yourself that choosing to live this lifestyle doesn’t mean that you’re cheap.

You don’t have to resort to extreme measures just to stretch every dollar, you just have to make wise money decisions and choose to invest your money on things that really matter.

Stop choosing convenience over savings… 

Most people are guilty of this. Whether it’s constantly eating out, choosing to take that Uber ride or even having our groceries delivered, it’s always so easy to go for convenience over savings.

But after taking a hard look at my finances, I realized just how this behavior has cost me.

I know it’s often so easy to ignore these charges, especially since the upfront charge is low and not to mention that it’s convenient but what we don’t realize is that these small charges can easily pile up and cost us more than what we expected.

It’s not bad to choose convenience once in a while but if money is tight and your goal is to save, then it’s definitely time to put a stop to this behavior.

Organize your finances…

I never really knew how important this was until last year.

Last year was by far my greatest financial struggle. I was buried in so much debt, struggling to make the ends meet and my finances were pretty much all over the place.

This made me realized how my spending habits and being disorganized with my finances has left me in financial ruin.

So, don’t make the same mistake as I did.

I tell you, whatever your financial goal may be, organizing your finances is an essential step in helping you achieve that.

Doing this will give you the chance to see opportunities to improve your finances and what actions you need to take to achieve your financial goals.

Stop choosing instant gratification…

I used to live for instant gratification. It was always so easy for me to blow my paycheck on unnecessary things without even thinking twice.

And the worst part is, I would always justify that behavior with the words: I deserve this.

I chose to sacrifice my future financial needs for today’s happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not entirely a bad thing but if you keep on doing this to a point where you’re already burying yourself in so much debt, then that is when the problem starts.

Know what your end goal is and focus on that.

Remind yourself that the little sacrifices that you’re willing to do now will reward you tenfold in the future.

Being broke is not easy. It can cause us a lot of stress and so many sleepless nights but the good news is, this is definitely not permanent.

You have the ability to turn this around and to improve your financial situation. You just have to take action, be consistent and keep going.

You got this!

Your Turn…

What were the steps that you took to improve your finances and turn your financial situation around? Let me know in the comment section below, I’ de love to hear from you!

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