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15 Smart Uses for Clothespins You Never Thought to Try



15 smart uses for clothespins you never thought to try 5d3284d396a08 - 15 Smart Uses for Clothespins You Never Thought to Try

Fasten Christmas lights

Keep your outdoor Christmas lights in place and ready to withstand the elements. As you affix your lights to gutters, trees, or bushes, fasten them securely with clip-on clothespins.

Make a clothespin clipboard

Organize your workshop, kitchen, or bathroom with a homemade rack made with straight clothespins. Space several clothespins evenly apart on a piece of wood, and screw them on with screws coming through from the back of the board (pre-drill the holes so you don’t split the clothespin). Now your rack is ready to hang.

Keep snacks fresh

Tired of biting into stale potato chips from a previously opened bag? Use clip-on clothespins to reseal bags of chips and other snacks, cereal, crackers, and seeds. The foods will stay fresh longer and you won’t have as many spills in the pantry, either. Use a clothespin for added freshness insurance when you store food in a freezer bag too.