Bichon Frise Portrait One

Here is my first Bichon Frise Portrait for 2016. Well this is a fabulous shot of my husband John and Casper our newest family member. I love it and wanted to share it here on the blog. I decided to do share a weekly Bichon Frise Portrait of either Casper, Yoda or the two of them one their own or with family members. I think this will be a good post to share each week and look forward to hearing your feedback.

IMG 0591 - Bichon Frise Portrait One Featuring Casper

Casper is 4 years old and is a lot more laid back than Yoda. He is also more well behaved. He has come from a home where he’s been bullied a bit and so he does get a little anxious and upset when John leaves the house and he likes to be with someone all the time. Either Yoda or an Adult. I guess moving to a new home after four years will cause some anxiety and hopefully this will improve. Apart from that he is a very happy dog and loving life.